News : Daniel Pearl attends the Nexus Initiative 6.0 symposium

Posted on 23 Apr 2018

Daniel Pearl from L’OEUF attended the Nexus Initiative 6.0 Symposium held on April 18th to 20th in Glencoe, Illinois, where over hundred experts addressed the challenge of ” Surviving 2017 and a 2025 Survival Guide ”. As the Growth and Innovation Strategist Harry Epstein stated it, the Symposium looked at how ”to leverage what we have learned in the areas of food, energy, water, shelter, health and material science, and to understand how we may become more impactful for the benefit of humanity in the next decade.” Daniel’s lecture was focused on ”mining the dormant potential within the heart of cities: where magic thresholds can act as « catalyst of change », within nested scales and multiple time frames”.