News : Danny Pearl took part in Ecoweek in February 2012

Posted on 24 Feb 2012

Danny Pearl participated in Ecoweek 2012, in Israel. He led a workshop with Suzanne Deschamps, Real Estate Developer, Canada & Braha Kunda, Architect, Director, Interior Design, HIT, Israel & Eitan Bartal, Designer, Faculty, Communications Department, HIT, Israel.

The workshop focused on Jessie Cohen neighborhood in Holon, a low-income neighborhood in the city (just south of Tel Aviv) where ‘green’ design solutions were developed and proposed to the city on a variety of aspects, including (affordable) housing, community, public domain (open spaces), employment, entrepreneurship and education. This is a project that has attracted a lot of attention, and is likely to interest the City of Holon to develop further. The workshop was hosted at HIT in Holon. The final design synthesized the various themes  around a new bicycle path. Please see the following link for more information.

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