News : Petite Rivière’s urban development web site is now online

Posted on 25 Nov 2010

Respect our planet’s limits. Live lightly, live well.

In recent decades, our cities have spread faster and further than we can often manage, encouraged by our lifestyles, short-sighted policies and economy. The time has come to think more globally about the accelerating problems resulting from urban sprawl. We now know that our health and quality of life depend on a healthy environment, making the excessive consumption often associated with suburbs appear more and more obsolete. We take for granted luxuries that our great-grandparents could only imagine, blind to their origin and the damage they cause. Times are changing. It is high time to rethink the ways we build our cities and live our lives, to reclaim healthy and happy urban living. When municipalities, developers and citizens work together, we can change how we do things and how we live.

Let’s dream. And act.