Camp Kanawana

Project Data

Location : St-Sauveur, Quebec
Structural engineer : Jan Vrana
Completed in : 12/2010

Description of the project

The redevelopment of YMCA Kanawana was designed to make better use of the whole property, recognizing it as a natural resource of great value to the larger community that needs to be sustained and enriched. The principle objective was the creation of physical settings that introduce new traditions to camp, promoting the benefits of community living as well as living ’gently on the earth’ :

  • promote and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle and an appreciation of the outdoors for all users with a focus on children and youth in particular
  • enable a larger and more diverse user group to enjoy and experience an exceptional natural site throughout the year with enough physical separation so as not to lose the sense of wilderness for all
  • seek to establish a harmonious balance between the natural landscape of forest, meadow, wetlands and lake and the man-made landscape of buildings, campsites, trails and other infrastructure
  • design, manage and programme to actively conserve and, where needed, restore the wilderness of the site
  • foster a sense of stewardship for the natural environment using the site as a classroom to learn about the outdoors and providing an example of an environmentally sustainable approach to design
  • promote a sense of responsibility for the larger community by insisting upon respect for the natural environment and the diverse population that enjoys the site