Ecolodge, Matagami Lake

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Project Data

Location : Matagami Lake, P.Q.
Client : Lunehiver DMA
In collaboration with : Robert Boyle Architecture Inc.
Cost of construction : $3,100,000
Mechanical engineer : Jan Vrana
Structural engineer : Martin Roy et associés
Completion date : July 2005

The Matagami city was interested in building an ecolodge on the shores of Matagami Lake within Matagami Lake Park. Municipal officials wish to develop an accommodation facility that is environmentally responsible and is a destination attraction for the ecotourism and soft adventure markets. The Matagami Lake Ecolodge was supposed to be the first facility of its kind in Canada. L’OEUF, working in collaboration with Robert Boyle architecture, has designed a scheme for the Matagami Lake Ecolodge which consists of three major components: the main lodge, the eco-cabins and the eco-tents. All of these are sited on a peninsula on Matagami Lake with the lodge located near the tip and the eco-cabins and eco-tents following both shores.

The main lodge incorporates a large dining room, full kitchen, bar and terrace as well as a boutique, offices and a multipurpose room. The long, linear, one storey building covered by a subtly curved green roof with one main vertical feature. This tower is at once a support for solar panels, a lookout point for spectacular views of the Lake, a water tower and natural ventilation chimney for the exhaust of warm air. The base is the heart of the lodge and has an efficient wood burning fire place that stores heat in massive stones. A long stair leads guests from the exterior terrace of the lodge to the waterfront where a dock will extend out to the water to accommodate the arrival and departure of guests by hydroplane. In addition, a series of paths will connect the main lodge to eco-cabins and eco-tents.

The eco-cabins hidden in the woods will each have their own washroom facilities as well as a wood burning oven and a screened in porch. These cabins will be built with a prefabricated wood structure technique and rest on screw-pillar foundations that have a minimum impact on the forest floor. L’OEUF has worked in collaboration with Richard Kroeker on the development of a very interesting bent wood structure for the eco-tents. The infrastructure of the Ecolodge and its cabins and tents incorporate a series of sustainable strategies including the installation of a micro hydro plant to supply the lodge with energy. The wastewater of the lodge, cabins and tents as well as the runoff water from the parking lot is to be collected and treated on site by a constructed wet land. The design of the Matagami Lake Ecolodge allows visitors to admire and enjoy the beauty of northern Quebec wilderness in a building that is sustainable and has the least impact possible on its environment.