“Tree”-House in nature

Project Data

Location : Sainte-Adèle
Client : M. & Mme Erwin Neumark
Area : 2900 pi2
Prizes and mentions : Mention en Architecture, 1992, pour la catégorie résidentiel unifamilial, OAQ.

Description of the project

 This concerted effort is a product of a client’s will to live amidst nature and an architect’s overzealous response to the beauty of a site; an 11 acre property secluded in the wilderness. The terrain sprawls freely from hilltop to valley, eventually culminating in a breathtaking waterfall at the base of the river “Aux Mulets”. About fifty feet before the river bank one could discover an ancient “city of boulders” embedded into the side of the hill, veiled in green moss. In fact, further geological analysis concluded that this naturally occurring “garden of boulders” was probably formed a few million years ago when an earlier waterfall eroded and moved southward to its present location. And thus the project objective was conceived; to carefully sculpt a house around the garden while respecting its natural ecosystem.