Masonry expertise on Montreal condos

Project Data

Location : Montreal, QC
Client : Association of property owners
Structural engineer : Genivar
Completed in : 02/2010


The co-owners had noticed these two problems to the building envelope :

  • cracking and separation of the artificial stone wall ties at the corners of the walls of the yard
  • water infiltration in the garage ceiling, where there is a construction joint in the cement structure

The co-owners asked L’OEUF, on collaboration with Jacques Benmussa architect, to determine the causes of deterioration and to recommend the appropriate corrective work. The building was built from 1998 to 2000. It consists of 46 units. It is divided in two parts on either side of a central landscaped yard and counts four unit levels plus one basement level occupied by an interior parking as well as lockers. The building’s exterior walls are covered with clay bricks and decorative elements in artificial stone.