Workshop at the City of Laval

Project Data

Workshop Date : 11/2011
Location : around the La Concorde metro station, Laval, QC

Description of the charrette

Last November, L’OEUF took part in a design charrette concentrating on Laval’s development plan around the La Concorde metro station.

Laval residents had a chance to imagine the future development of this sector of Laval, this was done in partnership with community groups such as La Trocall, ACEF and Réseau 2000+.

The event took part over two consecutive weekends. The first part was mainly informative, with many groups participating in the event such as the “Service d’Urbanisme de la Ville de Laval”, Vivre en Ville and L’OEUF. They each took a turn exposing their own view for the future of this sector of Laval to the participants on site.

The second part concentrated on the vision of the residents. They were encouraged to walk around the site and point out the existing conditions and what is at stake for the future development before taking on the next step, the design workshop. And now the time to imagine your neighborhood has arrived! During this phase, L’OEUF played an important role helping each group in interpreting their opinions and needs towards construction and planning, grouping visions from every group.

An important sector of Laval is still undeveloped. In the past, this availability created fast development of very low density but is no longer viable. There is a collective desire of keeping nature areas close to urban centers and also to preserve the quality agricultural lands. The transportation model, which relies almost entirely on cars, is questioned due to infrastructure costs and environmental impact.

According to the 2006 Census, 5.7% of Laval housing would need major renovations. These numbers represent 8000 units including all types of housing (owned or rented) without acknowledging the impact of health risks for their occupants. Poverty is closely linked to the quality of housing. It limits the occupants from obtaining quality housing, their power to intervene on potentially harmful situations and often also on the power for their rights to be recognized.

Now in Laval there is approximately 4500 social or community housing units, including subsidized housing, non-profit organizations or housing cooperatives. Social housing development is an interesting and sustainable way of meeting the needs of a third of the households (36.5%) who still don’t have an affordable rent.

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