L’OEUF is an award-winning firm with a diversified practice, specializing in architectural and urban projects with the highest sustainability goals. These projects are only possible with custom-built, tightly integrated delivery teams, and L’OEUF leverages team knowledge to bring project-specific aptitudes together fluidly. Our approach strives for de-risked, resilient planning and performance specification. L’OEUF has won two prestigious HOLCIM Foundation international prizes for our Greening the Infrastructure at Benny Farm project, an innovative neighbourhood development promoting community empowerment and proactive participation of stakeholders. L’OEUF has a unique, risk-averse, and innovative skill-set that brings affordability to sustainability. With a deep commitment to research and teaching, to community integration, and an acute sensitivity to cost, L’OEUF skillfully coordinates multiple-stakeholder projects into affordable and welcoming realities, making L’OEUF renowned for our expertise in sustainable and socially progressive design.




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